About the MOSAIC and LGBTQ+ Resource Center

About the Center




Our mission is to provide holistic support through the advocacy, ongoing personal development, and community cultivation for historically and currently marginalized* UCCS students.

*Marginalized is used to recognize the ongoing structural and systemic process of relegating or confining specific sociocultural groups to a lower, secondary and/or erased position. Marginalized can encompass, but is not limited to, Black/African/African American, Native American, American Indian and Indigenous, Latine/x, Asian, Pacific islander, Desi American, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ+), two-spirit, undocumented/DACA/mixed status families, women, those with visible and invisible disabilities, age diversity, those experiencing housing/financial insecurity, criminal status, body size diversity, military and veteran populations, and the international community.


Our vision for UCCS is a campus community committed to social justice, equity and equipped with the tools to craft their liberation.

Core Values | The MOSAIC and LGBTQ+ Resource Center considers the following core values as central to achieving our mission.

  • Community | We cultivate a campus committed to connection, belonging, and respect through the elevation and support of cultural exploration and preservation.
  • Equity | We aim to advocate for, create, and sustain opportunities focused on historically marginalized populations to close structural and systemic achievement gaps.
  • Inclusive Excellence | We exemplify and teach active, intentional, and ongoing engagement with diversity to equip the community with sustainable best practices and tools for empathetic advocacy. 
  • Ongoing Education | We foster an environment for curiosity, collaboration, and diversity of thought to aid the lifelong liberatory learning and unlearning process.
  • Personal Growth | We promote the holistic exploration of the self through intentionally designed enrichment for intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional, mental, environmental, financial, career, and physical growth that lasts a lifetime.
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